Vyacheslav V. Kushnir

Was born

on the 24th of March, 1987 in Moldova republic, Kishinev city


2004 — graduated the high school with a gold medal

2004 — admitted to the Taganrog State University of Radio Engeneering (now Taganrog Institute of Technology — Southern Federal University), speciality «Nanotechnologies in Electronics» (college of electronics and electronic equipment engineering)

2008 — Bachelor of techniques and technology, scientific field «Nanotechnologies» (with honour)

2008 — Scientific practical training at the Advanced Technologies Center, Moscow

Scientific Interests

Micro- and nano electronics, nanotechnologies, nanomaterials

Foreign Language

English (spoken, technical)


Travelling, automobiles, computers, Internet


E-mail: sla_ff_ka@list.ru, sla_ff_ka@users.tsure.ru


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