Full name:   Kiselyova Olga Igorevna
Born:          May 6, 1973
Place:         Zhukovsky, Moscow region, Russia
Nationality: Russian
Tel:            (095) 939-10-09 (W)
                  (095) 939-29-82 (W)
E-mail:       ok@spm.phys.msu.su
Location:   Moscow State University


1990 finished Physics and Mathematics school of Moscow State University

1996 Graduated from Faculty of Physics of Moscow State University
 with red diploma
Chair of biophysics
Diploma work title: Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy of cytochrome P450 2B4
1995 got diploma of referent-translator for natural sciences in French

1999 obtained Ph.D. in Physics at chair of biophysics of Faculty of Physics of MSU
Thesis title "Scanning probe microscopy of supramolecular protein complexes"
Scientific supervisors: prof. Lobyshev V.I., Yaminsky I.V.

Foreign languages

English,  French - fluent
German, Spanish - intermediate  

Professional experience

1992 tutor's assistant at Physics and Mathematics boarding school of Moscow State University

1995 interpreter (English) at timeshare sales company "Galaxy"

1996/97 physics teacher at Physics and Mathematics boarding school of Moscow State University

1996/97 teaching mathematics in French to foreign students at Moscow Energetics Institute

1996 - till present member of  Scanning Probe Microscopy joint research group

Scientific interests

Scanning probe microscopy of proteins and protein-membrane complexes

Objects of studies: cytochrome P450 2B4, cytochrome P450 scc, phospholipids, liposomes, Langmuir-Blodget films, ATP-ase from termophylic bacteria, histones, hepatitis B virus antibodies, amphiphylic polyelectrolites, DNA- and RNA-protein complexes, etc.

Personal interests

snowboard, off-piste riding in deep snow
spending summer at the White Sea, work in restoration brigade on the Solovetsky Islands
riding on horse back
playing classic guitar
classic ballet