- Surface reconstruction is found for protein crystal (lysozyme).
- The role of adsorbate during the tunneling in low-dimensional systems is revealed, the correlation between the appearance of abnormal images and peculiarities in tunneling current versus distance dependencies is found.
- Hydrodynamic interaction (friction) model for ultrathin water films in between solid surfaces is proposed.
- Noise and stability analysis of scanning tunneling microscope is performed, outer and inner noise sources are described. It was revealed, that the access low-frequency fluctuations has the power spectrum of flicker noise (SI *1/f*, *=1.0*0.1).
- High sensitive method of residual impurities detection in solutions using atomic force microscopy is proposed.
- Comprehensive bibliography on scanning probe microscopy methods (1981-1997) is composed.
- Structural, morphological, mechanical and electrical properties of different organic LB films and monolayers are observed.

Innovation activity

- FemtoScan Online microscope with Internet control - the first probe microscope with full remote access. The device is specially designed for collaborative scientific work. Now many scientists from different places can simultaneously observe the surface of the sample in real time and receive all the experimental data for further processing and analysis.
- Ideology for FemtoScan Online software for sophisticated 3D image analysis in scanning probe microscopy and related fields.
- Multi-channel data acquisition system for remote control of precise measurements


2005 - Winner of "Moscow Grant" Competition in the Sphere of Education (Science and Technology), Moscow Government, Department of Education