PhD Students
PhD Student Title of the PhD Work Date of defence
Ekaterina A. Obraztsova Atomic force microscopy of carbon nanostructures, biomacromolecules and its complexes 05.11.2008
Egor V. Ukraintsev The study of structural properties of polymer amyloid beta peptide and lysozyme using force spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy methods 16.05.2007
Georgiy B. Meshkov Combined atomic-force and scanning resistance microscopy of polymers and inorganic materials 25.04.2007
Gleb A. Kiselev The study of sensor properties of organic and polymer films on solid substrate 25.04.2007
Evgeniy V. Dubrovin Scanning probe microscopy of biomacromolecules: nucleic acids, proteins and its complexes 26.10.2005
Anna V. Shishlova Pecularities of relaxation and mechanichal properties of glassy polymers and nanocomposites 2004
Ashraf S. Elkady Supermolecular complexes of lipids and DNA: interrelation in between structure, morphology and activity 24.12.2003
Anastasia V. Bolshakova Scanning probe microscopy of fixed cells 2002
Nikolai V. Gvozdev Atomic force microscopy of lysozyme crystal growth 2000
Olga I. Kiselyova Atomic force microscopy of supramolecular protein complexes

Marat O. Gallyamov Scanning probe microscopy of nucleic acids and thin organic films 1999
Student Title of the Diploma Work Co-supervisor Date of Defence
Igor A. Golutvin Atomic force microscopy of lysozyme crystals with molecular resolution   2001
Nikolay S. Nasikan Scanning probe microscopy of potato virus X Olga I. Kiselyova 2001
Valentin V. Lulevich Micromechanical analysis of polymers using scanning probe microscopy Prof. Alexander L. Volynsky 2001
Anna V. Shishlova Scanning probe microscopy of thin polymer films Prof. Gennady S. Plotnikov 2000
Iraklii D. Sikharulidze Lamellar structure of quasi-crystalline diblock copolymer as revealed by small angle X-ray scattering Prof V. de Jeu 2000
Anastasya V. Bolshakova Surfaces of bacterial cells   1999
Alexander S. Filonov Development of probe microscopy methods for the visualization of bacterial cells   1999
Nikolai V. Gvozdev Atomic force microscopy of Lysozyme crystallization Prof. Leonid N. Rashkovich 1998
Marat O. Gallyamov Scanning probe microscopy of biomembranes   1996
Olga I. Kiselyova Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy of cytochrome P450 2B4 Prof. Valentine I. Lobyshev 1996
Andrey S. Fedorenko Development of mechanical system of scanning tunneling microscope   1990
Vladimir V. Komov Apparatus for STM tip etching   1990
Sergey V. Blajenov Development of electronic system of scanning tunneling microscope   1990
Vasilly V. Bonch-Bruevich Radio spectroscopy of polar gases using capacitor sensor   1985
Oleg Ya. Sochnev Modulation technique for the registration of dipole resonance in gases   1982