Overall View Overall view of FemtoScan mechanical system
Main Base The main base of the mechanical system (precise piezoscanner and step motor are inside the tubular box)
STM Option FemtoScan STM option
AFM Option FemtoScan AFM option
First Launch
FemtoScan STM was launched on 28.04.1997

FemtoScan Specifications

FemtoScan AFM/STM main base
True vertical probe/sample initial approach
Initial approach step motor
Initial approach range up to 4 mm
Initial approach step size 30 nm
Typical thermal drift less than 1 nm/s
Sample position horizontal
Sample size up to 15 mm in diameter, 5 mm in height
Scan size 2 m or 10 m
Scan rate up to 30 Hz
Sample holder magnetic

FemtoScan STM Head
Height, Deflection, I(U), I(Z) Modes
Interleave, DualTrace, Lithography Modes
Tunnel current ranges 10 pA - 20 nA, 0.01 pA - 1 nA
Bias voltage 10 V
Tip diameter 0. 1 - 0.4 mm
Resolution atomic on graphite

FemtoScan AFM Head
Height, Deflection and Friction Modes
Resolution atomic on mica
Resonant Modes (semi-contact)
Lift, Interleave, DualTrace, Lithography Modes

FemtoScan Controller Electronics
Data and feedback control using Digital Signal Processor with a 133 MHz frequency for arithmetic operations
X, Y, and Z high voltage amplifiers with 135 V output range
Four precise DACs with 16 bit resolution and 10 ms acquisition time for X, Y, Z, and U signals, 12 optional DACs
Two input ADCs with 16 bit resolution and 10 ms acquisition time
Tunnel voltage amplifier with 10 V output range

FemtoScan Sample Heater (optional)
Temperature rate up to 80 oC
Temperature accuracy 0,05 oC
Thermal drift during heating (max):
100 nm/ oC (normal direction), 40 nm/ oC (lateral direction)