Evgeny Menshikov

Personal information

Name, surname: Evgeny, Menshikov
Date of birth: 11.03.1985
Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
Family status: Married
E-mail: EMenshikov@gmail.com
Tel: 8(926)2806513


February 2008- present

Moscow State University (MSU), Department of Physics,
Division of Polymer and Crystals Physics.
Ph.D. [paper]

September 2002 - December 2007

Moscow State University (MSU), Department of Physics,

Division of Polymer and Crystals Physics.

B.S./M.S. (Physics), Honor graduation with Gold Medal and red diploma (GPA 4.96/5)

Title of the M.S. project: “Analysis features  of block copolymer thin films by atomic-force microscopy

September 1999 - June 2002

Moscow Chemical Lyceum #1303 of Russian Academy of Sciences, Section of Physics and Mathematics. Diploma permitting to teach physics and mathematics in Chemical Lyceum for high-school pupils. Supplemental courses of physics, mathematics, computer science.

Diploma work: “Symbolic differentiation of math functions

Extra education

October 2008

Education program of the innovative business technology under the sponsorship of the Department supporting and developing small business

August 2008

Jyvaskyla Summer School. Faculty of Mathematics and Science, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland

September 2007 - June 2008

Courses of English Language, Ministry of foreign affairs of The Russian Federation (Certificate)

September 2003 - June 2005

Courses of English Language, Moscow State University

Work experience

February 2006 – May 2007

June 2007 – present

Start Innovation Company, Manager

Advanced Technologies Center, Project Manager


March 2008

Tokyo Boeki Ltd secondment, Japan, Tokyo

February 2004 – present

Researcher, Laboratory of Scanning Probe Microscopy, Department of Physics, Moscow State University (MSU)


  • Engineering and development of devices (interference microscopes, atomic-force interference microscopes)
  • Materials investigation by  AFM, STM, interference microscopy
  • Preparation and investigation of block-copolymer thin films
  • Analysis of scientific data

January 2005 – present

Institute of physical chemistry, Russian Academy Of Science, Laboratory assistant-researcher

June 2007, 2008

Member of Organizing Committee International Conference “Modern advances of bionanoscopy

January 2003

Member of Organizing Committee of XII International conference "Intel-avangard 2003" (Moscow, 2003).

Awards and Fellowships


Tokyo Boeki Ltd scholarship for Ph.D. students


First prize (the best project for nanoindustry), Competition of The Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies (RUSNANO).


Honor of the federal program of the innovation projects “Participants of the young scientific-innovation competition 2008 (YMNIK 2008)”


First prize, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students International Conference on Fundamental Sciences “Lomonosov-2007.” Moscow, Russia


Two Diplomas of physical and mathematical competitions for high-school students, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia


First prize of chemical competition for high-school students, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (State University) Moscow, Russia

Participation in projects:

  • Atomic-force interference microscope (coordination, engineering, development, project documentation, patent writing, market analysis, presentations for exhibitions)
  • Member of RFBR grants (projects code 07-03-00630, 08-02-06085, 08-02-09474)
  • Video observation system (Start innovation Company) (engineering, development, cooperation with D-link company, presentations for exhibitions)
  • Laboratory Organizer – the computer program to office automation (programming by Perl)

Major scientific interest

Scanning probe microscopy (AFM, STM), interference microscopy, electron microscopy.

Polymer physics and chemistry; copolymers, electroconductive polymers, thin films, crystals; development of advanced materials.

Teaching experience:

  • Advisor of B.S. project written by Mezrin Victor (Master degree, Optics and spectroscopy division, Chemistry Department of Moscow State University «Ultra-high resolution optical microscopy » (excellent mark)
  • Advisor of course paper written by Banko Vladimir (first-year student of Macromolecular compounds division, Chemistry Department of Moscow State University) «Application of scanning probe microscopy for nanostructured polymer systems investigations» (excellent mark)
  • Advisor of scientific research projects written by pupils of Lyceum #12 «Application of inter(poly)electrolytic complexes for soil decontamination», «Application of composite polyaniline-nylon-6 material for electronics and microelectronics». (IInd, IIIrd prize of   Moscow region ecology conference for high-school pupils)
  • September 2006 – June 2007 Teacher of physics. Lyceum #12
  • September 2005 – June 2006 Teacher of courses  «Creating web-sites», «Base rules of working with MathCAD program»

Publications [RUS]

1. Patent № 78575 (application № 2008116294) Scanning probe microscope

2. Application for a patent № 2008116296 Scanning probe microscope tuning method and microscope for its realization

3. Е. Menshikov, I. Yaminsky Atomic-force interference microscope, Nanoindusrtry, 2009, №1

4. Menshikov Е.А., Bolshakova A.V., Vinogradova O.I., Yaminsky I.V.  Flory-Huggins parameter definition for couple of polymer units by atomic force microscopy investigations of thin block copolymer films // Protection of Metals and Physical Chemistry of Surfaces, 2009, No 3 (in press)

5. Menshikova I. P., Pyshkina O.А., Меньшиков Е. А., Nasibylin E. N., Milakin К. А., L. K. M. Juhani, Sergeev V.G. Structure and properties composite materials based on polyaniline and nylon-6 // Polymer Science (in press)

6. Menshikov Е.А., Bolshakova A.V., Vinogradova O.I., Yaminsky I.V. Methods for Analysis of the AFM Images of Block Copolymer Films // Protection of Metals and Physical Chemistry of Surfaces, 2009, No 1 (in press)

7. Menshikov Е.А., Bolshakova A.V., Yaminsky I.V. Analysis of block-copolymer films structure by atomic force microscopy  // Moscow University Physics Bulletin, 2009, No 2 (in press)

8. Menshikova I.P., Menshikov
Е.А., Sergeev V.G. Reaction ability of composite polyaniline-nylon-6 material depending on polyaniline globules size// Structure and Dynamics of Molecular Systems, 2007, No. 14, vol. 1, p.190-193.

9. Menshikov Е.А., Menshikova I.P., Bolshakova A.V., Yaminsky I.V., Sergeev V.G. Influence of polymerization conditions on the morphology pg composite polyaniline-nylon-6 material// Structure and Dynamics of Molecular Systems, 2007, No. 14, vol. 1, p. 182-185.

10. Menshikov E.A., Borisova O.V., Bolshakova A.V., Zaremsky M.Y., Nikonorova N.I. Analysis of Ps-PMa-Ps copolymer films structure by AFM// Structure and dymanics of molecular systems. Ufa. 2006. No. 13., vol. 1, p. 20-25.

11. Zaremsky M. Yu., Borisova O.V., Garina Е.S., Menshikov E.A., Bolshakova A.V., Nikonorova N.I. Synthesis, characteristics and structure of block-copolymer obtained in the presence of macronitroxyls // Plastic material with extra-ordinary properties - Saint-Petersburg, SPbSTU, 2006, p. 48-52.

12. Varganova A.A., Menshikov E.A., Semenova E.V, Filonov A.S., Bolshakova A.V., Nikonorova N.I., Yaminsky I.V. Complex analysis of copolymer films structure by modern microscopic techniques // Physical-chemistry of polymers. Synthesis, properties and applying. Publication 12. Tver' 2006. p. 7-12.

22 participations in International and Russian conferences


SPECIALIST® Online Certified Microsoft Windows XP User
skills in PC

C/C++, Perl, TeX, HTML, JavaScript
FemtoScan Online, Mathcad, Matlab,Microcal Origin ChemOffice
MS Office, , Adobe Photoshop

Language Russian (native), English (fluent),excellent knowledge of phisics scientific English
Driving license (category B)
Hardworking, creative, responsible, sociable, excellent communication skills


Sport, music, travel